The software should be considered “Beta Test" quality. I have been offering it to people who make a request in any of the groups I monitor that sounds like it might help them. It has been used by dozens of people without issue. One issue that users have encountered is that Gedcom files written by different programs can be slightly different. It has been tested with Gedcom files from Ancestry, Family Tree Maker 2017, and MacFamilyTree 8.3.4.

Why did I write DNA Match Analyzer?

I am adopted, and used DNA to find both my birth parents, and I write software for my day job. While i was doing the DNA search, it seemed like a problem that could be helped with software. I had a family tree that I had connected some of my DNA matches in and the process of trying to figure out where I might fit seemed like a perfect computer task, so I began writing a program to see how well a group of DNA matches fit a person in a tree. While that worked, it wasn’t as useful as I had hoped because it required the person I wanted to check to be in the tree, and the whole point is that I did not know where I fit in the tree.